Dvd-quality test (newbie asking)



I acquired new BenQ (1620 Pro) yesterday, and flashed newest firmware in it. This far i have only tried one dvd-r brand: 01NE (Lead Data, LEADDATA01).

I’m not sure how to interpret dvd-quality test results. What exactly PI errors mean? The seems to be very high and yet Quality Score remains nearly 100. And even if Quality score shows something like ~95, DVD-Reading speed has huge fluctuations.

It seems that every time when i run quality test, I’ll get different results. Yesterday I ran same test, but PI errors were sky high, constantly in 500 but Quality Score remained about in 95. Unfortunately i didn’t took any screenshots.

Btw, what “No additional sense information” means?

I have attached two test results.


LeadData media isn’t very good media to test a new drive with. I’d recommend name brand media like Made In Japan Fuji media, Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Maxell, Verbatim or TDK. Considering those transfer rate tests I’d say those discs are coasters at best.

PI Failures should not exceed 16. PI Errors should not exceed 280. PI Failures are unreadable errors and can not be corrected and in that respect the scans look ok, however, with your transfer rate test and the PI Errors the first disc is definitely a classified coaster. The second scan is “passable” (barely) by Quality test standards but looking a that transfer rate test again I’d say, “Coaster”. The transfer rate should be a smooth line going up with very few bumps and dips.

Nero CD/DVD Speed bases the Quality Score on the almost solely on the PI Failures so you can rarely trust the Quality Score rating. Even though I have never personally seen Jitter effect disc playability I always like to see this under 12% - that seems to be a pretty safe bet. Go get yourself some good media and give your BenQ a work-out, I think you’ll be happy with it once you do. :slight_smile: BenQ also does favor +R media so as long as your stand-alone players have no problems playing back +R media I’d recommend +R over -R as well for the most part (outside of a very few exceptions like Taiyo Yuden media!)


Use better media, almost anything is better than LeadData.


Ungh, I’ve just tested 01NE media on my friend’s LG DVD-burner and transferspeed is smooth line as it should be. Unfortunately quality test didn’t work. But it looks like LeadData isn’t compatible with BenQ :frowning:


This is weird, I’ve just tested same disc than yesterday and now dvd-speed shows smooth line.

But now BenQ doesn’t identify one dvd-what i burned yesterday. It just shows that it’s empty :frowning: But Isobuster shows files just fine.


Most drives don’t do well with crappy media. Try Made in Japan media. Repost if you still encounter the same problem.


[B]Everybody is telling you it media ? - Well it just not so !!!

Look at your burst rate in CD-DVD Speed, it shows 12MB/s. Now take a look at your quality test, do you see you are only burning at a little over 8X.

8X burn uses 11,080 (11MB/s)
12X needs 16,620 (17MB/s)
16X needs 22,160 (22MB/s)

Either you don’t have your internal drive setup for UDMA-2 or your external case is very limited.



And to add to that you should be scanning at either 4x or 8x speed not the maximum in Nero CD/DVD Speed