DVD quality test burner recommendation

DVD quality test recommendation:
What are your specific recommendations
IDE= Best 3 of all time ?
SATA=Best 3 of all time ?
SATA=still purchasable, current drives (3 Models)

Thanks in advance!
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oldburny :doh:

HI oldburny

IDE = All true plextors (712, 716), 1640 and 1650 from benq. The 3500/3520 from nec are also excellent drives, but it will be very hard to find them

SATA = All Pioneer drives should do a nice job. The Nec 7200S was an excellent drive, no third option here.

When it comes to newer drives the i cant say much, i only have one 22x LG that is simply ok, but i am sure that with good media most drives will do a great job.

Thank you very much!!!
And what about the current LiteOn’s,
for example the iHAS - 524?

And what is your preferred DVD Quailtätstest-software?
DVDInfo Pro 7.108
or another?

opti does a nice job when ti come to scanning, and the liteon is a very good scanner when it come to DVD’s.