DVD Quality Scans very different on NEC and BenQ

Alright… I am confused - my NEC and BenQ never agree on a discs quality.

At my home where I do 90% of my burning, I have an older NEC 3520 and at work I have a newer BENQ 1650. Both of these drives have relatively new hacked firmware and they both burn discs that I’ve never really had any problems playing.

Recently I’ve started testing my burn quality using the Disc Quality test in Nero’s CD-DVD Speed application and the same disc gets 2 very different results when analyzed in the 2 different drives.

Typically, the NEC reports many more failures and errors than the BenQ when analyzing the same disc (see images below) - Which drive should I trust? I always read at 4x or 5x without any other applications open. Both machines are pretty comparable, the NEC runs on the better system, its a Asus P5B motherboard with an Intel E6600 Core Duo Processor and 2GB of Ram while the BenQ runs on a Dell XPS with an Intel Pentium-D Processor.

Images Below - these are both from the exact same disc which was burnt at 8X on the NEC. Which one should I trust, the BenQ or the NEC? Is one of them known to produce bad results on quality scans?

Nec 3520 :stuck_out_tongue:

That makes me feel better, my discs aren’t THAT bad afterall. Oh well, I was looking to upgrade burners anyway - now I get to figure out if I want an LiteOn or a Pioneer :confused:

Thanks! :clap:

Adding the Pio 111 to your Benq 1650 would be good. The Benq burns & scans well and the Pio burns well.

I use Verbatim 16x +R media at 12x in both with very good results.

Man I wish I could take the BenQ home with me, what a nice drive! Unfortunately it has to stay at work :sad:

Since I have been obsessed with scanning lately, I opted for a Liteon LH-20A1P drive that I just ordered from Newegg. Its supposed to be an excellent scanner and depending on how it burns, I’ll probably pick up a Pioneer 111 next week.

Can’t you arrange a swap, convince then that the 3520 is a far better burner or something :smiley: .

If I could paint the face of the 3520 black, they’d never know the difference :slight_smile:

Dont tempt me :eek: