DVD quality over the Internet soon to come ? - and it's not DivX

I just posted the article DVD quality over the Internet soon to come ? - and it’s not DivX.

ZDnet reports that a new format might make it possible to have streaming video in DVD quality. The new technology is called H.264 and is based on the MPEG 4 standards. Unfortunately the article…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4645-DVD-quality-over-the-Internet-soon-to-come----and-its-not-DivX.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4645-DVD-quality-over-the-Internet-soon-to-come----and-its-not-DivX.html)

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They day I see it is the day I believe it… DVD is MPEG 2. So let’s say say DVD quality in MPEG-2: Aspect 4:3 25 Fps Interlaced PAL CBR 9000000 Bits/s Now 9 million bits per sec is 9Mbit. Now say you achieve 2:1 compression your still looking at 4.5Mbit… How many people have 4.5Mbit capacity today!? So either they have one hell of a compression algo or their talking sh*t. Even DivX 3.11 SBC encoding (which is still the best) you need upward of 1300Kbit and that is not near DVD quality. Like I said I will believe it when I see it. // swede_242

This sounds like that article about that duch (or wherever he was from) guy who was claiming he had come up with a new incredible compression that would revolutionise the internet with incredible compesion rates. As above seeing is believing :stuck_out_tongue:

That was the guy that died and took his code with him. Yeah, right. :d

No SHIT !!! :slight_smile: Look at http://videosystems.com/ar/video_videolocus_introduces_worlds_2/ 1Mb/sec ONLY and DVD quality !!! I think they have reduced the video ‘aspect ratio’ to keep the bitrate so low. Of course there must be some great algorithm.

Actually the perception of the image quality is not at all linearly linked to the bitrate or the resolution, so these ratio are quite meaningless… A 1 Mbit/s Divx can actually achieve nearly DVD quality, and H.264 is probably (?) a bit better.

“How many people have 4.5Mbit capacity today!?” I have? :slight_smile: