Dvd quality improvement



I have a lot of vcr home tapes that Ive copied to dvd.

The quality isnt brilliant. Is there any sofware out there that can enhance the quality and if so what is it?


not really - old adage - crap in -> crap out


There are a lot of variables.

  1. Are you copying at a high bitrate to ensure good quality. Are you using 2 pass encoding…
  2. Make sure you are copying from vhs to your source with the highest quality possible (firewire, s-video, whatever your best possble method available is).
  3. Look into programs such as avisynth, and virtualdub, which have filters to make minor improvements.
  4. Look into getting a high quality s-vhs deck with filtering abilities, to use to copy the vhs to dvd or pc…

There is no reason that the quality of your dvd should not be at least as good, as the quality of the original vhs.