DVD quality gets worse over time

Hey everyone.

I’ve burned dozens of DVDs with my 811S for over a year and the results were acceptable at the time of burn. I pulled a bunch of them out recently to watch and most won’t play in my DVD player. I scanned them with KPROBE and most are now getting terrible PI/PIF readings (500/100).
I used RICOHJPNR01, CMC Mag, Riteks and all are getting worse as time goes by.

Any ideas if it’s the media doing this or the burner is not strong enough to make a lasting burn? I do stick DVD labels on the DVDs and not sure if this may be making it worse? But all DVDs played fine in the DVD player when I burned them…so this totally bums me out.


Labels are a big NO-NO on DVD’s. :sad:
How are they stored? Away from warmth and light?

rdgrimes is right label on dvds not recomended, cds are ok although my personal cd player recomends not to use them.

I`ve found the best way to remove them is float them label side down in warm water for about 10mins trying not to get the read face wet (as you will get gluey water on the disc and is a pain to get it of)

I second that. :iagree:

You better get a photo printer and “write” directly on your CD/DVD´s. I´m using this printer, getting “photo-like” prints on my burned DVD´s with perfect result. :wink:

The problem is finding printable media - it’s very difficult…
They don’t sell those in regular stores.

But they’re quite easy to find online. :wink: Plus, online prices tend to be much lower anyway.

Why are labels so bad for DVDs? Does the glue seep into the foil or does something else happen? :slight_smile:

No one really knows, but its a definite no no, Cd’s are ok though but i dont do it anymore

I read that the labels are defrorming ove time and that affects the DVD itself so you get a deformed DVD over time you cant see it with your own eyes but it happens.
The pi/pof failures get worse when that happens.
The most players wont play your disc after some time then.