DVD quality discrepancies

If a DVD’s capacity is 2 hours why is their a discrepancy is the DVD5 quality. I’ve had movies under 120 minutes in length where the DVD5 quality is far less than 100%

Conversely, other movie length have exceeded 120 minutes yet the quality is 100%

Can someone please explain?


Surround sound and other multi track audio eat up a lot mgs that weren’t figured in when they say up to 120 mins.

also menus,extras,ect.To see the difference check 2 different disks by right clicking the drive and select proporties it will tell you how big each one is.A dvd singel layer will hold 4.7GB no matter what the time is.

As my friends have said, extra content can make a big difference. The “two hour” capacity just means two hours of MPEG-2 video encoded at some given video bitrate. Anything beyond that (menus, extra audio tracks, subtitles etc.) subtracts from the two hour value. What’s important is the disc capacity and the size of the files that have to go on to it. The way the original disc was encoded (video bitrate) can also make a difference in the quality of the output picture and the amount of compression DVDFab can apply before it becomes noticeable in the copy.

Thanks for the replies.

Signals I believe you answered my question. The video bitrate must differ from movie to movie.

I normally strip our all the extras by selecting Main Movie. I also only select the AC-3/5-1 audio track. As stated in my original post the quality differs greatly. I’ve had movies 1:56 in length with a quality less than 100% and moves in excess of 2 hours with 100% quality.

It does, tremendously in some cases. :slight_smile: