DVD Puzzler

I’ve got a decent question for everyone, I am not new to backing up my DVDs, but this is a new problem. I am backing up my collection and cannot figure out with the movie “Fun with Dick and Jane” how to seperate the full screen and widescreen. I have no use for fullscreen, and it causes the disk/image to be 6.7GB I was going to bite the bullet and buy some 2xlayers but found this site and thought you might help :bow: . I am using DVDFab then DVDShrink (allthough it will not work with this movie) and then just roxio to burn the image to disk, in this case create the image as well. I thought I could re-author it but the two styles of playback seem to be interlaced very well. Let me know what you all think. Thanks ahead of time.

Well nevermind, looks like DVD Copy Pro would burn it, problem is that DVDFab did not retreave all the information from the disc in the first place. Back to the ripping board. :sad:

yeah im having the same problem…im using dvd fab platinum to rip an image however the image only rips as a 1.51gb file so sony mush have some new protection on the board again. *%$#@^ sony!!!

try using anydvd and clonedvd from slysoft.com . They have a 21 day trial. good luck.