DVD Protection?




I want to rip a DVD but I can’t see the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folder. This is sort of hte key2audio protection I think.

I want to rip this DVD. Can anyone help me ?




What files or Folders can you see with Windows Explorer? if any?


I can only see some software I don’t need !!! :a :a


So no folders then?

When you run DVD DEcrypter or SmartRipper, does it find anything else?

If you view the DVD with Isobuster does it also find any extra folders?


I’m sorry, nothing is to see with his two programs … It’s the key2audio protection.


Hi, with Isobuster I can see the music files. I cannot see the movie files …


Hmm… looks like they have started then. Darn !!!

By the way, what was the DVD’s title and Region? Thanks for the info.



I’ve never seen ‘music files’ on a dvd in my life. Only muxed VTS’s.