DVD protection

How would i know if a dvd has a copy protection ?? Is there software that can check???


what kind of dvd are you refering too?

is it a game or film?

Opps sorry, its a film not a game.

I’m not sure if this would be of much help to you (not sure if you just want to check out this one movie or if you want a program that you can use in the future). Anydvd has a pop up window when you insert a disk that identifies if it is css protected and if it has structural copy protection (like sony arrcoss). It’s 40$ so it’s probably not worth it (unless you want to use it for movie backups too) but thier is a free trial if you are just wanting to check out this one disk.
I checked out several other things I have on my computers and could not find anything that would show if a disk was copy guard protected.

try using the latest dvddecrypter its free.