DVD Protection for my Job


I know this topic is very discussed already.
I only want to difficult copies. This is reason for this post.

I work with weeding, graduations, First Comunion, etc
I’ve tried to use FREELOCK but it seems don’t work.

I create the files bin and cue and applyed the freelock on cue file.
Then when I try to burn the modified image, Nero, UltraISO, MagicoISo, Alcohol don’t recognize my dvd recorder (LG H42). It only appear on Nero for example, a CD recorder and not DVD recorder.

Or on Alcohol, I put a DVD+R (actually with bit setting turn on) and the program give me a “no disc” or “empty disc”.

There is someone found out how to fix this ?
or is possible apply freelock to DVD’s or only to CD’s ?

Thank you