DVD protection/detection



Hello, I’m new to the forums and have a question.

When it comes to dvd’s are there any known methods to detect if the “store” bought dvd was ripped or burned?

As I know, when making your backup there is no physical action happening on the disk, but I was wondering if there was still a way to detect if a dvd was burned.

I’ve heard of watermarking, but I think this is mainly for discouraging burning as it makes the replicated movie unwatchable.

If anyone can give me some more info about this, I would appreciate it.


Yes. If you have a DVD burner you can view the Media information of the disc using Nero CD-DVD Speed. If it says a media manufacture, it is a burned disc. If it says DVD-ROM then it is most likely a pressed (retail) DVD. Remeber to turn any ATIP hiders off (like CloneCD’s Hide CDR Media).


I believe he is asking if the original can be copied and then in some way the original can reveal that it was copied. While I am fairly sure there are numerous ways that the copy can reveal its original source I have yet to see or hear of any way a non-writable pressed DVD can in some way reveal that it was copied.


Yo chas0039-

Once again Bra - you are spot on with your answer-

Since the original DVD is only being read - there is no way to detect that it is being copied - there is no physical device in either a reader or writer to enable marking of the read disc-


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