DVD Probs



Isit normal for CD-R’s Burned on a BenQ DVD Writer at 40x to show quite bad results on Nero’s CD/DVD Speed?

I have got this BenQ recently aswell (Retail)
It keeps scratching my DVD’s, yesterday it somehow managed to couge a chunk out of the plastic cor of the DVD-R.

Just done a burn on the BenQ writer at 4x and this is a picture of the scan results.
Would someone tell me a brief percentage of how well it was burned and what i could do to improve the burn?
I heard the BenQ was the best writer but i dont seem to be getting as good results with this as i did with the Pioneer 107-D.
The green line would go a lot higher.

It’s TY Media.
I have attached an image anyway.


sorry here is the pic…

And the second pic is a Pioneer written one at 4X Scanned on a BenQ Writer.


To update you on the latest, just done ana upgrade on the Drive with fogetting to remove the DVD inside it, would this have messed anything up?