Dvd probs

i have tried for months to play my downloaded dvd films on my player that is connected to the tv, i have tried all discs,and tried all formats,can anyone help please.p.s i do not wish to knowingly break any copywrite laws.

More information is required. How are films downloaded (hardware/software used), file types, dvd type, how you are burning, etc…

Hello, thanks for replying.I am downloading the films in avi format from a file sharing programme, then using winmpg to convert them to ‘dvd’ format, then using a programme called ‘burn4free’, which puts a 700mb film onto disc in about 5mins,is there anything i am doing wrong here? :sad:

The thing you are doing wrong is downloading illegal movies.

Joking aside. I’ve never used WinMPG before, how big is the file your left with after converting? Have you tried the discs on another DVD Player? Do they play on your computer? Are they recognised by your players?

That’s just the thing, the films i try are no more than about 650mb,burning onto a 700mb disc.They play perfect on my pc but not in any other player except other pc’s.However, when i start the ‘convert’ process using ‘burn4free’, it takes about 10 hrs or so which is fine,and then says converted succesfully, and it is on disc but that is as far as i can go with it.This happens even if i convert the films to mpeg,or dvd,or avi etc. :frowning:

Burning an avi to a disc will not work in the average DVD player, you need to convert them and a couple of programmes can do that. Given the forum rules on discussing illegal downloads and oter things like that I am not sure if I will be allowed to go much further. If the thread isn’t locked I am sure there are others who can help you.

Ok thanks, i understand what you are saying, i think i might just watch them on my pc :iagree:

wonder what kind of movies those are?
are they the kind that have very little dialogue in the beginning and then move on to a lot of “action” :wink:

You mean an Arnie movie?

Great quote, but no they are watchable films for all the family etc. :cool:

no sweat, actualy was hoping you could send some my way in case… :smiley:

i have enough trouble with ‘ordinary’ films let alone all the spyware that comes with that sort. :bow:

If using the right programme and network no spyware at all, or so I was told :wink:

maybe you could enlighten me to this said programme so i can tell my mate who was asking :cop:

As the programme itself can be used for legal purposes and is not illegal I think it would be okay to post it as they have the other one that connects to the same network in the p-2-p section of this forum so here goes: http://www.emule-project.net/home/perl/general.cgi?l=1

It is called eMule and connects to the ed2k network like eDonkey, just contains no adware. they have their own help forum for problems with eMule and it is a very good forum.

Excellent sites,(all 3), thanks very much they are all very informative,i’m learning every day. :bow: