DVD Problems

Hey everyone this is probably a stupid question, but it drives me crazy when I’m trying to watch a movie. I’m not talking about burned DVD’s just regular store bought ones. Every time I watch one, after about 10 minutes, the video will get ahead of the audio. I have a Philips DVD/VCR. Is it that my player is just a piece of junk or is there a way to fix it? Please help me.

Sounds like there’s a serious defect or design flaw with your player. Try Googling its brand name and model to see if anybody else has the same problem (and if there is any solution).

Is it still under warranty?

hum… kind of like my problem but mine is the audio is ahead of the movie, but it only happend to the movies that i ripped for my psp :confused:

anyway, it’s your dvd player, might need to send it in if still have the warranty/fix it yourself/ or get a new one :?

don’t open dvd player or burner unless you are trained or know how, because the laser from the drive can be harmful.