Dvd Problems

Hey. Okay, don’t laugh. I need help. My CD/DVD was working great until about a week ago and now the cpu doesn’t even recognize it’s there. Under Control Panel, System, Device Manager…the CD/DVD has the name Atapi DVD DD 2X16X4X16…but there’s a yellow ! there too. Right click and properties tells me: A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32). When I try to update the driver the cpu tells me that I have the best suited driver for the device…but it won’t work. On Device Usage: I’ve selected enable or use. Anyone that can help me? :confused:

Can you give somemore info on your system -operating system -memory etc etc… Did you try unistalling the drivers for the dvd drive and reboot so windows can find it. Do you have any packet writting software like neros incd. Do you use windows drivers or Via drivers. ???

Visit: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310123

I am running Windows XP Professional Edition. I tried uninstalling and restarting. The start menu states found new hardware Atapi CD/DVD drive, but on My computer it still doesn’t appear. The yellow ! is still next to the name in the device manager.

I am not sure whats the problem with your dvd drive. Did you install any software recently. Do you have neros incd or other packet writting software?? Do you have via drivers instead of windows drivers?? Maybe try a system restore to a time before this problem started. Good luck.

Thanks for the help. Tried system restore a couple of times and the cpu won’t restore no matter what date i choose. Starting to tick me off…:slight_smile: Don’t use Nero, I use Sonic, but of course now it won’t give me the option of selecting D drive. I thought I had it when it found new hardware. Is it possible that just the My Computer screen isn’t showing the drive? The device manager still has a yellow ! next to the drive…arrrrgh.

try this:

Try going inside the case and unpluging it then replug it back in. Make sure it has a tight connection. I had a drive I had to do this on every now and then to correct the same situation.