DVD Problems

I’m having trouble with some DVD playback. I’ve been making backups using DVD Decrypto and DVD Shrink on my NEC 3500AG w/ stock 2.18 firmware. If I take the movie backup and play it in my laptop DVD drive the video quality is fine. If I turn around play the DVD on my desktop with my ASUS E616P2 w/ stock 1.4 firmware the picture is very blocky and the video is sometimes choppy. I’m using PowerDVD 4.0 on my desktop PC.

What’s going wrong? I don’t think the burn is the problem? Is it PowerDVD or is it my DVD-ROM (ASUS E616P2)?? Thanks!!!

Also I tried this on another PC with nvidia based graphics and it does the same thing. This only occurs with my burned back-ups and not regular pressed DVDs

no problem with your pc … you have to many shriked the video… on the tft monitor of you laptop you couldn´t see the artifakts…but the normal crt monitor from your pc shows the artiifacts… so life with it or make 2 dvd´s from one :wink:

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