Dvd Problems please heap

firstly thanks for looking at my post i am in need of some help.


i need some one to tell me why i am no longer able to burn dvds. im not really in he know, but i used to use 1clickdvd/copytoDVD, which work good enough. i made about 6 backups with know problems. i hadn’t needed to burn one for a while untill i tryed yesterday. 1 clickdvd did its thing then CopytoDVD popped up as it is ment to. but just before it starts to burn i give me an error saying" write Sector failed at sector 512 (16) - code 05 30 50[Illegal request, Cannot write medium, incompatible format]"?? ha yeah! after that i downloaded the newer version of Clickdvd /copy2DVD still says the same thing tho. i then got clone dvd and tryed wit that with no success!

i decided to try n play a dvd in my external DVD burner programs just crash, Win media/intervideo both do the same thing? i the tried it in my DVD/cd rw drive in my computer with the same thing happing. please help!!! is somthing up with my comp not being able to play/burn dvd. when about a month ago it did sweet as?

I did a quick google and it would seem that it may be related to the software you are using (possibly conflicting with other software on your system). I would try dvd decryptor and dvd shrink and see if that works (both are free, just do a google). Thier are some guides here
That might help you rule out if it is your software or not. If dvd decryptor and dvd shrink have problems, then you know it is a hardware or media problem. Fyi, what media are you using? Use this free program to read the media code off the disk (the true manufacture) as the brand of disk often doesn’t tell much about what the disk actually is.

thanks heapz

i am using rather cheap media so that my be the problem. ill run the progam now n see what it says. cheers again