DVD Problem



Hi, I am a newbie here, and hope someone out there might be able to help me.
I have just built a new computer, with a MSI mobo, 1.8oghz Intel Pentium III with 2gb ram, Sata connected 250gb Hitachi hard drive, and a sata connected LG DVD Burner. My problem lies with the dvd burner, it can read cd’s and dvds without problem, but as soon as I try to burn dvd’s with Nero I get a read error, and then it aborts. When going to Nero Test drive, I get the following error.
Logical Unit Communications CRC Error – (ULTRA- DMA/32) C040803
I have checked the DMA and it is set to Auto. The PIO is set to 4.
I did manage to get the burner to burn one dvd with Dvd shrink, which took a long time. But this doesn’t seem to work now, it freezes up after 20%. I have tried Clone dvd which also freezes after about 12%.
I have read a lot of blogs about this error, but they all relate to changing the 40wire ide to 80 wire, but mine is a sata connection. The Device manager does not show any yellow problems.
Thank you.


Replace the ide cable, then try again.


I don’t have an Ide cable and the sata cable is brand new with the dvd

thanks Kandle


Then check the BIOS settings regarding SATA, disable RAID.


Thanks for all the replies, and yes it looks as though it could have been the cable, even though it was a sata cable. I returned both the cable and dvd burner and got a replacement, plugged them in and was burning straight away without any problems, so not really sure which of them was faulty.

So thanks everyone