DVD Problem



I have a problem with my DVD - it can’t read some discs that i had burnt on it. I don’t understand why. Can somebody help me?


Hi Godspeed81, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think you may get more help in the Newbie Forum, so let’s move this thread there…



So is there anyone who can help me? I’ll appreciate that :bow:


No, I’ve already moved the thread. Hopefully someone will help you out soon. :slight_smile:




You may test this problematic discs in another drive, maybe they are defective.
If not, you can try to boot from CD or DVDs and see if that works with your drive.
Also, try cleaning the drive/lens using a Drivecleaner.

And last but not least, you may uninstall software like Alcohol and Virtual drives and uninstall the ide channels into devicemanager, then restart and try again.


I did it. The discs are ok. I have problems with just one brand (for now :slight_smile: - “MediaSys”, if you’ve heard them. Other discs are working properly. I’ve uninstalled Alcohol and Daemon Tools, but I don’t know how to “uninstall the ide channels into the device manager” - what exactly should I do?


There probably isn’t any need to uninstall the IDE channels now, as you’ve pinned the problem down to one brand of disc.

Never heard of “MediaSys” - I’m guessing they’re budget discs. :wink:


Yes but I have important info on that discs and since there’s a problem only with my drive, which occured recently, I wanna fix it. I’m not gonna buy from this brand anymore, that’s for sure :slight_smile: And what is “budget disc” ?


Ah, OK. Budget discs = a nice way of saying “cheap” :bigsmile:

Glad to hear you won’t be using them anymore. For really important stuff, I suggest using Verbatim discs :slight_smile:


Are you a distributor or sth else of Verbatim :slight_smile:


She’s not :disagree: . They are just some of the more trusted discs and are widely available.


You maybe need ISOBuster to retrieve your data from these DVDs then.


I have IsoBuster, but the drive can’t read these discs at all. It tries several times and blocks them inside.


Try a different drive then? I don’t think your drive would care to read the Lead-in meaning they might be entirely bad. Let me suggest you try in a LiteOn, a BenQ or a LG - all three drives of recent make are good readers … and I find the LiteOn works a treat for Made in Hong Kong [crap budget cheap media] which warp or burn bad, BenQ works better on normal Taiwanese media gone bad at the edge and LG works good for discs with high error rates throughout. It’s my secret recipe :stuck_out_tongue: