Dvd problem

I have been using dvdfab. And Now i ran into problems with it. And here it is. I been using dvdfab for a long time. I I been using it for a long time on my laptop. And i just put it on my desktop also but my problem is dvdfab on my laptop wont read any dvds on me but the desktop will using my key. DVDfab on my laptop if it reads a dvd i get either a error or starts reading my dvd but nothing happens a box pops up asking to send a ifo of my dvd. Any idea whats going on anyone? If you need more info ill tell you if you ask for more.

ME needs ASPI:



Will that work on windows xp also? Cause i forgot to put in my first post than im using windows xp pro on both pcs.

Not needed with XP.

Then could it maybe be my license? Cause i read its only for a single computer. If i do take it off here then the laptop one will work but this one i wont be able to use dvdfab on it. I dont get why dvdfab just wont read dvds with me using my license on both of my pcs and the desktop reads dvds fine to ripp with dvdfab.

Not sure, but I have used it on 2 different computers. Did you get a new key for V3 because it requires one?


Yes i did should i ask for a new key and change the key on my laptop and use the first key i got when verison 3 came out. Should i use the first key on the desktop and a different key on my laptop?

i took out the program i did a registry cleaner and i did a fresh installer and now its reading my dvds again on laptop. I still got dvdfab on my desktop still.

No, I would download again or transfer a copy that has not been activated to the other computer and then install.