DVD Problem


Last time I tried to copy a rental DVD of “Walk The Line”. I used DVD Decrypter, like always, to Decrypt the DVD to my local harddrive.

After Decrypting I use DVD Shrink (like always either) to shrink the decrypted files to my DVD.

Now a problem occures that the DVD doesn’t want to play (after shrinking) (not in DVD player, neither on my computer). After putting the DVD in my player its just a matter of time that the DVD player rejects the DVD, and at last the DVD-player opens back.

The strange thing is that this never happened before, and beside that I can play my decrypted files on my computer without a problem, but not anymore after shrinking.

How can I resolve this problem.

(Excuse me if there’s also a topic of this subject, I’ve just been registered)

This Topic has came up many times as the quote you see and we can’t help you here. Sorry it is against the rules and you won’t get help on copying content you don’t actua;;y own as this is stealing.

Click here to read the rules.

And If I changed my subject by saying "I’m trying to make a backup copy of my just bought DVD of “Walk The Line”…

Would you help me then?

Don’t get me wrong, normally I buy my DVD’s in stores either, but this one is just released and the price at this very moment (€25) is a little bit too expensive for my budget.

Sorry, I"ll continue my search for the answer on the worldwideweb…

No problem can’t answer your question just trying to help you out instead of reporting this post. Your answer can be found everywhere. Just because the DVD is too high priced still doesn’t give the right to copy the movie rented.

Toastie, our rules are quite clear. We do not provide help for illegal activities. Please read our rules, which you agreed to do when you signed up, before posting again.

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