DVD Problem ! :(



hi guys, newbie here!

I have a Philips DVD-RW 1280, which i’ve had for about two years, ive burnt CD’s with no problems, but only now started to backup to DVD.

However, its not working :frowning: ive recently installed Nero 6, and for some reason i cannot write anything to any blank DVD i insert, windows doesn’t even show up that there is a blank DVD in the drive.

Another problem is, i only have on cd/dvd drive in PC, but when i open “my computer” its shows two drives :confused:

Is there anything you can recommend.

Many thanks
Hope to hear from you soon.


Do you’ve the latest firmware for your drive, and do you tried another media brand?


i have tried different media, but unsure where to get the firmware


where will i be able to get the firmware? i’ve checked the manufacturers site but not there :frowning:


Do you mean philips 1208 or 1280?


damn! yeh 1208 sorry


Have a look at Here
You’ve there rpc1 firmware, to make it region free! :wink:


thanks for that, i’ll have a go now


link doesnt work, i cant download the firmware :frowning:


Do you’ve tried the link below the same firmware with rpc1?
But keep in mind, that’s a patched fw., it’s still the same only with region free!


yeh it redirects me to http://forum.rpc1.org/offsite.php


It worked for me but either way you can just do a search at The firmware page and you should find it. Good luck.


I had just a look now, the link is workin, so do you had succes to get the fw.?


hi there, managed to get the fw thanks, but still not reading blank DVD’s, @ the moment i can write to CD, watch DVD movies etc, its just not reading these Disks they are cheap ones so i dont know if its the disks…

they are…
SIGMA - Media Storage 4.7gb Speed 1x-2x

ill buy some more next week, but i hope it will work ! need to backup pretty soon :frowning:

thanks guys :cool:


Like you said, i’d try to buy another media brand, maybe of higher quality!


hi guys , went out to buy SONY DVD-R’s today, and the same problem… any more info will be awesome :frowning:



this drive seems to only write to +rw discs

you can check with nero info tool to verify your drives’ capabilities.


ah rite, the first ones i tried said +RW these sony ones say +R on the case but DVD+RW on the actual disk!!! ive spent soo much money on wasted disks lol!


maybe you can return those discs and get a more current dvd writer.


That’s the one thing or try a exchange for +rw media.