Dvd problem

hi i have a littel problem my dvd movis “be stuck” after 55min ca.
my dvd writer is a lite on 451s and my disk is Datawrite Classice printable surface DVD-R some on ther cant help me ?¨
I have update my firmware but it not work yet.


Stuck = Stopped? Try Made in Japan media and burn at 4X.

It hacks ore what the englisch word is. how do i burn i Japan media whit nero ?

update nero to, and burn them the same way as you burned the datawrite.

Japan medie is a disk type right ?


furbali`s post referd to “made in japan” as the best quality media comes from Japan.

if you post were you live we could possebly post a link to some quality media.

hehehe, Japan is a country :slight_smile:
But you knew that…


Me foul hehe i am from Denmark (it´s like a update from every contry) ?

i did a search for “Denmark” in the media forum and it came up with these threads have a read through hope it helps.

OK lets forget the lanuage problem; Datawrite is not the best media (DVD disc) on the market, and although, the first 25 discs’ I ever purchased came, from a trusted PC builder.
That was a year ago when I, first got myself involved in DVD work.
And like him:
a beginner; and that I was,… it said burn @4x and I did, and got 100% coasters :slight_smile:

In the short term,… it worked @2x … So I went to a local UK supplier, and a genuine, registered RITEK source, and I’ve had no problems since.

pAPE, there are so many problems in this dvd world;
crap media, and good media, deserve early consideration.

So IMHO the first problem is, too negate/estabish the quality of the media you’re using.
Once that has been done, other problems, can be isolated, and resolved. :smiley:

Wull thet’s the lanuage prob’s solved… :iagree: