DVD problem


Got a prob i’m out in Iraq at the mo and switched on my laptop and it wont play my dvds any more. i reinstalled the drivers,turned the thing off and on countless times, with no result. my laptop is an Advent 7048 with a QSI CDRW/DVD SBW 242B anyone with any idea would hava the thanks of a lot of british squaddies(soldiers) out here


Go to “My Computer” and see if your laptop see’s the disc in it. Does it read cd’s? It could be a software problem. It could also be a region problem. Provide some more details, and there are alot of people that know more than I do, and I am sure you will get a response. Good Luck.

Try system restore if using windows to a date when it last worked. Obviously your choices are a bit limited out there

Please, give us more details and we will help.
What software do you use for playing DVDs?
What is the region of your DVD-ROM and of the DVDs you try to play?
What is the error message?
What happens when you insert the Disc and try to play?


some more info

i’m using windows media player. the cdrom will reconise cd rom disk such as games and vcd but not dvds. when i insert a disc the drive just spins but nothing happens and when i open media player i says no disc in drive. tried all types of dvd region disc. even tried a system restore?

help if you can its the only entertainment we get apart from the mortaring at night!!!



Not for sure if this will work but try this Cliprex DVD Player Professional it is free and worth a shot.

download it here http://www.cliprex.com/