DVD problem with SATA drive!

Hi I am not sure where to post this but here is the scenario … I have P4 2.4GHZ that I used for a long time without any problems. Pioneer dual layer DVD DVR 109 drive and anothe liteon CD burner… Now I have purchased new SATA 320 Seagate HDD all my other drives are IDE not SATA … I have connected the new HDD installed win XP with service pack 2 … no problems so far I used the DVD rom to do all the installing … ok WIn XP has booted up for the first time … I put a CD into it … bang “G: i/o device error” I can’t read it… I’ve put audio CD into it … works … tried few other cd, dvds … again error… Ok to check the DVD rom I boot from my old HDD drive while SATA HDD is still connected same problem … DVD is not performing well … Ok I disconnect SATA drive boot up again … everything is back to normal DVD rom reads all those cds and dvds … ??? I tried again booting from SATA drive … I deleted all IDe controlers and DVD so that it can initialize again the drive … which it does and all looks fine but again its slow and doesn’t read some cds … or if I try mounting an image from a CD it crashes … Does anyone have an idea what’s going on? How can SATA drive cause DVD to go crazy and any ideas what I can try to fix this issue ?

I shuffled few drives around …but then I keep getting error
“ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory error” or something like that …
any ideas at all ???

thanks so much

Hi & welcome, trippin13 :slight_smile:

Try downloading and installing the drivers for your mobo Southbridge or controller SATA chip. It appears you’re currently using the generic MS drivers from XP.

I’ve installed 2 sata drives along with a pioneer dvr-111 writer, no problems.
Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard and using the nvidia nforce 4 parallel and serial ata controller.

Could be that the PSU is too weak or cheap.