DVD problem-Urgent help needed from Techy's please

Need some some help with a problem I have never come across before.

I have a Toshiba 1612 DVD which until today was OK. Now it will not read any
.exe file or carry out autorun function.(Will read all other files on disk and works ok.,

for example if I ask it to open a text file, .doc, .pub etc associated program opens


If disk with autorun on is loaded, message "Windows XP has encountered a problem and will


close" appears.

If I use Explorer and click on the .exe file, message ERROR "Only part of a Read Process

Memory or Write pPocess Memory request was completed".

If I ask it to copy the .exe file to my Hard Drive works perfectly and then file will load

normally from the Hard drive therefore DVD must be reading file ok.

The other funny bit is if I put the same disk into either of my CD Writers they both work

perfectly normal both on autoload and if I click on .exe file.

This has got me stumped any help would be appreciated.

Guess it’s windows XP that causes the problems…

Did you upgrade or clean install?

I also installed windows XP, but still prefer w2k over it. w2k is more stable, faster and looks better(Win XP still has a few nice features though ;)).

XP will probaly be better with a servicepack or two, but for now I recommend w2k to avoid problems like the one you have, yes I know there is a lot of similar problems like the one you have in XP.

Have tried suggestions - no joy however have just realised that this occurred since fitting of new writer.
Further information.

Before I installed my Traxdata CD Writer, system worked fine with no problems.

Configuration of Hardware is:

Primary Master - IBM Hard Drive Partitioned C:/D:

Primary Slave - Plextor Writer F:

Secondary Master - Traxdata Writer G:

Secondary Slave - Toshiba 1612 DVD E:

All jumpers set correctly

Could it be I have these set up incorrectly? If so what you would recommend?

Thnx again for your help


Have solved problem by re-configuring my drives as follows:

Primary Master - IDE Hard Drive
Primary Slave - Toshiba DVD
Secondary Master- Plextor Writer
Secondary Slave - Traxdata Writer

This seems to have cured as all functioning correctly now.
Maybe this info helpful to someone in the future with a similar problem.

My thanks to everybody who took the time to help me, much appreciated.