Dvd problem or not

Its been a year since I brought the Pc

P3 450Mhz
128Mb ram
32Mb Riva Tnt2 M64
6X4X24 Ricoh Cd-rw drive

Creatives 5X Pc dvd Dxr2 drive

Problem is I can see frame by frame on the dvd drive with a DVD. I know I should have tested my drive earlier but at the time I was not much of a dvd guy and was new to Pc’s and thought that was how its supposed to be. Now when I go to Pc shops the dvd playback is amazing on pcs as well. I can watch Vcd without this like VHS smoothness. The picture is crystal clear but the motion is not smooth. I have watched standalones play Dvd’s but mine cant do it that good. My sister cant see the difference only when I point it out to her. So anybody know whats the problem

Have you got anything running in the background, this may be loading the processor and because it is a 450Mhz this can slow down playback, what usually happens is frames are dropped. Did it work well when first purchased or has it had a problem from day 1?

Yep, try closing all the background programs if that doesnt work, you always have this option:

It might help some (if your not planning on buying a new computer anytime soon) to just invest $20-$40 on a DVD decoder (mpeg) card. or just go with the 60 bucks for a new dvd player all together.

I dont run anything in the background. And for the decoder card. The Creative 5X Dvd Dxr2 drive has an inbuilt decoder card (Dxr2)… Now any answers or help plz

Are your drivers up to date. The DXR 2 was surperseded by the DXR 3 (a rebadged Hollywood plus) and sometimes the drivers could cause problems. Check to see if DMA is enabled or not as this could cause the problem. Let me know

Dma is enabled and I am pretty sure there wasnt any driver upgrade after I brought it

My last bash at it would be, did it work ok when you bought it? If so then create and image of your drive currently, install windows from scratch and see how playback is then. If it is ok then the processor IS getting loaded by a program or junk in the registry, if not then it may be the drive. You can restore the system to its state today with the drive image prog.
Hope this helps