Dvd problem. can somebody help me



hi i have been trying for ages to get my created dvds to work in most dvd players rather than playing in about 2 out of 6 dvd players.

this is everything i have done.

  1. downloaded a large avi file (music concert 1hr 30min)

  2. used winavi to convert my avi to dvd
    these were my encode settings(dont know if this helps).
    source target rate AUTO
    source aspect ratio AUTO
    picture clip left 0%
    picture clip top 0%
    picture clip right 0%
    picture clip bottom 0%
    adjust aspect ratio for pictures-not ticked
    soften picture-not ticked
    upside down picture-not ticked
    constant video quality-medium
    split the output file, size 1013mb
    constant video size-not ticked
    set chapter length-150 seconds
    preference-by speed
    audio bitrate 192000
    enable directAC3

3.used nero smartstart and put these files in video ts folder
VTS_01_1 (nero show time file 1,039,538kb)
VTS_01_2 (nero show time file 1,039,028kb)
VTS_01_3 (nero show time file 1,038,540kb)
VTS_01_4 (nero show time file 374,992kb)
4.put it in my xbox it worked fine, put it in my ps2 it worked fine, put it in my p.c it worked fine, but it will not work in dvd players.

p.s i am using dvd-r disks. i did not use dvd shrink or dvd decryptor or any of the programs.
should i use some of the programs??? am i doing something wrong???
i cant believe how hard this is.


suggest u try bit setting the dvd to dvd-rom, either by using a firmware hack, or an utility. u don’t mention the model of dvd burner…


you will need to get some r+ media to do bitsettind (;

what type of media are you using?


I can see a few possible problems.
split the output file, size 1013mb: Not dvd standard. Try 1000mb. Winavi might not calculate .vob size correctly, and be using 1024 bytes/k, so 1013mb is actually much larger.
set chapter length-150 seconds: This is every 2.5 minutes, resulting in 36 chapter points. Not sure if WinAVI can handle this many, also depending on how many sub menus you create.
Are you also positive that your players can play -R disks?
From Nero, did you select DVD Video from the template, or DVD UDF or something else?