DVD Printing

I’m using Nero 7 essentials to print my label onto the DVD. My problem is that I can’t get my logo on the disk as a transparent. I can import it but it shows up in a black box. Can Nero work will layers and if so How???

I then tried another program which is Ulead Label Once. This program lets me import my Logo as transparent and look good but I can’t find the right size to print to DVD disk. I’m using Ridate Injet white double layer disk. I checked on Ridata site and they said the size of the disk is 118mmx 41mm. With Label Once it prints the image off the disk to the side. Anyone use this program and know how to set it for the Ridata disk? I’m using a HP Photosmart D5300 printer that prints to disk. Any help in advance Thanks.

As far as I read in one printing software instructions, (can’t recall the name offhand) it suggested using a few cheap printables as sacrifice to set up the real printing size. As they do seem to vary from app to app … :rolleyes:

I tried that also. I thought there would be a way to set the paper size and position of the dvd so it would print corrertly. I’ve already wasted 5 dvds. :confused: