DVD printing with Canon IP3000

There is a European version of this printer (Canon Pixma IP3000) that can print directly to DVD, but the American version does not. It appears that a tray and firmware upgrade is needed. I have read in other forums that this is not likely to ever be available. But I wanted to post here in case any of the resident geniuses care to try and hack the firmware.

Anyone interested. I just received the printer. It is on sale at amazon for $80 and works great. I like the duplex printing. So anyone figured out how to get it to print on CD?

I am about to order from a UK e-tailer, so it will come with all the printing goodies, although it will cost more (few places ship to the US). :rolleyes:

Havent decided on 3000, 4000, or 5000 (with the 1pL nozzels).

When it comes I’ll try see what is really needed.
Maybe you could use the CD tray from an Epson R200.

I think everything IS in the US version except the tray, driver (downloadable from UK site), and CD print program (but there are private progs that support this printer).

I want to make it easer for others to print DVD’s on Canon Pixma’s! :bigsmile:

Another forum indicated that it was actually firmware inside the printer that prvented it from printing to CD.

yeah, it’s the firmware inside the printer.

Also, unfortunately the cd tray from an epson r200/300 won’t fit the pixma series of printers.

The European software is readily available at Canon UK’s site, so all one would need is the firmware flash and a cd tray.

I have a Canon Pixma iP5000 and researched to the end of the earth about being able to print to dvd. Seems it’s not a firmware problem after all. All it takes is a CD Tray (is anyone has an extra one, please contact me) and a simple registry tweak. Here’s the forum link: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=36631&forum_id=40&page=5

Someone came across this registry entry: “[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Print\Printers\Canon PIXMA iP3000\PrinterDriverData]” CnmFSI_CDRSWITCH

If you change the hex value to “1”, you get all the missing print options regardless of what driver you are using or software. From there you just select Printable disc as the media type, Disc Tray as the Paper Source, and CD-R Tray B as the Paper Size.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten without actually having the Disc Tray itself, but it seems that this takes care of all the problems people were having.

You no longer get the “Cannot print because inner tray is open” error, and it actually asks you to put the disc tray in and press resume on the printer to print the disk.

Now there may be some problems after this (I don’t know if there are other measures canon took on the hardware side to stop disk printing like extra pieces of plastic [aside from the one that used to cover my inner tray]). So if someone does have an actual disc tray for their pinter please try this and get back to me (and everyone else).

Back again - :rolleyes:

Here’s an update of where I am(not much further yet)
('cause I’m lazy lifted from my post in another forum)

Well, tonight I’m kinda stalled untill my iP3000 gets here.I think I’ve accumulated just about everything else I’ll need (except maybe common sense).

Now awaiting the project is:

  1. Two brands of white inkjet ptintable DVD +R disks.
  2. An assortment of eight brands of DVD -R disks, both white and silver.
  3. Some CD-R printables (One brand from long ago)
  4. A CD/DVD tray from Epson (to see if it is adaptable to the Canon Pixma)
  5. An extra set of ink cartreges.
  6. A digital camera.

So we are ready to go.
Can anyone think of anything else?


When my UK machine arrives the first order of business should be to track and document every step in the path of the tray. Then we can compair with a US version.

Many, many thanks to all those who are adding SO much knowledge to try and crack this problem.
You are all great! :bow:

Hi everybody, since i live in Sweden i dont have a problem but i’ve read alot of posts about it and thougt i might add a drawing of the actual disc tray for the IP3000 probably same for 4000 & 5000 too… it might help somebody, who knows! BTW the tray thickness should be the same as 2 discs.

Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bigsmile:

That .pdf is BETTER than having the real tray (at least for checking against the Epson tray readily available here in the US). :rolleyes:

And the news is good!
Your drawing printed out to exact true size.
When I overlaid (using the CD circle to index on) and traced the Epson R200 tray, I found that the Epson only needs to be trimmed down in size.
This will be MUCH easer than trying to glue strips on the smaller Canon tray. :bigsmile:
This brings us US guys one big step closer to being able to copy the feature the rest of the world enjoys.

Would it be OK to use your drawing on other similar message boards?
If so, how would you like to be acknowledged?

Thanks again :iagree:

sure use the drawing for whatever you want… i did it just for fun, thought i might help someone out. However it would be fun if you followed up on this thread if someone makes any progress, I just want to know if someone actually could get this to work out. Has anyone confirmed that it is a firmware problem too or could it be enough with registry tweaking? However i’m happy to help as much as i can!

It is said that the “region” setting of the printer can be changed by entering the printers service mode.
I think this may provide a solution to the CD/DVD printing by setting it to a non US region.
If anyone here knows the service mode settings please respond.

As I posted elsewhere, I did try the bypass method described by AlvinLee and it worked. I printed on some Verbatim silver top CDs using Nero Cover designer and a paper cut out template. It is a little cumbersome, but not too bad - probably not much worse than having to insert the CD tray. I made the mistake of using regular paper for my template, and I get minor paper scratches on the bottom of the CD. I will switch to using photo paper and see if that helps. The output is great. I do not get the speckling that one users noticed. And no smearing after you let it dry. I did not test it with water.

Can you give us a link to

“region” setting of the printer can be changed by entering the printers service mode

Sorry it’s not really a “region” setting but the printer model which is just another way of saying where the printer is destined to… ie “region”.

Take a look at this page (bad German to English Bablefish translation), scroll down and read the part under “Caution:”.
It talks about being able to change the model.
From other things I’ve seen this should work with the Pixma line as well.
If we knew the service mode sequence it may be possible to change the US printer to another “region” model and therefore enable the CD/DVD printing natively.

Are you just refering to the firmware version? If so, I think this is just the method to tell which one you have, not a means to change it?

That link is almost impossible to understand (perhaps english and typing) and I think it refers to resetting the waste ink counter. I don’t think this is a method to change the region setting. If the firmware can be modified this way, all the settings would have to be already on the printer and you would have to scroll through a list or something.

You are missing the point.
In the “service mode” there is the ability to change the model or “region”.
The article is not telling how to do this, it is just suggesting that it can be done in “service mode”.
What I’m saying is if we knew the service mode sequence it may be possible for us to change this.

This is all speculation on my part. I just don’t see the printers being physically different depending on where they are sold.

I also wonder if the drivers are also the same, and can be “unlocked” to allow disc printing. Being able to print discs on my PIXMA 3000 would make it just about a perfect printer. :iagree:

BTW, I contacted Canon USA about this, and was told that they have no plans to offer disc printing in the USA. But they gave no indication of why.

Sorry, I guess you can translate/decipher better than me. I did not see where there is an indication that the region code can be changed.

RD, What I have read is that it is possible to install overseas drivers that allow CD printing, but once the printer communicates with computer, the function is dissabled. I think there is an ongoing effort to determine if changing the region code to fool the drivers that the printer is not in the US. Some have specultaed that it is the power supply that determines what region the printer indicates.
If you really want to print disks now, try the bypass method.