DVD printing speed. R270vsR800



I have R270 for DVD printing. But realy borred of printing speed ( ~2 min full color DVD ).
I’m thinking to buy R800, maybe someone know his DVDs printing speed? Faster then r270?
Thank you.


I just got a Canon IP4500, it’s a lot faster that my Epson. Printing the same label, maybe 45-60 sec faster. Also, in your Epson driver, make sure you select “high-speed”.


I don’t know R270 but r200 CD printing lasts longer than 3 minutes. I own a R800, printing at highest quality is about 2 minutes, a Canon ip 4200 is much more faster but the quality is much more poor. The R800 is the best CD printer available but it’s not only a CD-printer, it’s a photo printer. If you like Verbatim Photo Printables, R800 isn’t first choice, they need a long long time for drying, they do not like pigmented ink. Wioth all other media you may receive excellent results.