Dvd printable media, before i make the leap

can a few of u please post a few pictures of some decent prints u have done as i want to see if its worth it to go to printable media and buy a new printer

thanks in advance

I don’t have any shots to post at the moment, but I can say I’m 110% happy with my Canon Pixma iP4000. With some good printable media, I get perfectly centered prints with vivid colours every time. I don’t know if you use sticky labels at the moment, but direct-to-disc printing is so much more reliable also (as well as the centering i’ve already mentioned!). Also, printible discs arn’t that much more expensive (if at all) anymore, so theres no reason not to go this route :bigsmile:

heck no i dont use sticky labels, lol, i have common sense :slight_smile:

i dont even really want to go to printable and get a printer, but why not if it works good right :slight_smile:

Well, I didn’t buy my printer for CD printing but it was a very nice added bonus, and one that works so well. I did one last night and my girlfriend thought it was the original! I could scan it in, but I don’t feel it would come across that well anyway. Its something you have to see!

yeah i can confirm that sticky labels are a no-no… trial and error!!!

I did about 30 dvds with labels before I realised they wouldnt play anymore (!) :a :frowning:

Sticky labels are pretty good but they are crap compared to direct prints. Also… the silver printables give a real nice effect.

make the move you wont regret it printables are the way forward silver printables give a shiny hollographic effect and white printables give realy vivid colours