DVD popular despite VoD and DVR growth



I just posted the article DVD popular despite VoD and DVR growth.

Video-on-Demand and DVRs are here to stay, say several researchers at yesterday’s presentation at the Home Media Expo. DVD retailers have to find a way to exist next to its newest competitors in this…

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DVR’s are ok, but if you’re tivo’ing it, unless you pay for the commercialless uncensored movie channel, you’re getting a nudered/censored version of the movie. VoD is ok, but the license is only good for a short while, then you don’t have it anymore. DVD’s are getting cheaper, quality is decent enough for the average joe, and you can watch it whenever you want.


“The overall problem with Blu-ray is that the consumer still needs to be educated” Ha!, as if. The problem with Blu-ray is that people don’t give a damn about it. Why educate people about something that will offer minimal improvement over DVD ?


I agree with the comments above, I think dvd is of adequate quality and reasonably priced, with regard to Blu Ray, it’s the vinyl/cd thing again, lets charge them silly money again just for a small improvement and mega bucks for back catalogue stuff again.