DVD plus or minus

Hello again,

I always use Taiyo Yuden DVD+R’s for my single layer media and Verbatim DL’s for dual layer and I think that I have been happiest with both of these after trying others which fall way short of the mark… :iagree:
My question today is this… Are the Taiyo Yuden -R’s as good as the +R’s because they are much cheaper but i dont want to ruin the quality of my copying for the sake of a few bucks… :disagree:
As usual, any help here would be much appreciated and i thank you all for your time… :bow:


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If everything is working great now for you I see no reason to change and save a few bucks.

On the other hand you could try a small amount of TY-R and give them a try.

TYG02 does very good on my burners. Liteon 165P6S, NEC 4551A, BenQ 1640/1655 :iagree:
Even the value line is working great! I think you may order a spindle to taste it.

Well, there’s not a massive difference. I’d stick with what works, unless you have problems with +R TY.

Stick to YUDEN000 T02.
Some users here have reported bonding issues and a somewhat questionable durability with TYG02…