DVD plays okay on TV but not on PC!

This is a strange one !

A friend has given me a copy of a DVD he produced from amateur footage of a football game. It plays perfectly okay on my standalone DVD player but when you play it on a PC (Windows Media Player, Peal Player, etc), the video comes up in a condensed portrait ratio on the left half of the screen only … the right side is just black.

Anybody know what is going on ?

I need to copy this for the players but I’m concerned they might not be able to view it.

Peal Player? You mean Real Player perhaps?

I’d try it in VLC ( a free video player which operates independently of any installed codecs) http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Also, rip it to the hard drive and see if it will play from there without issues. I know its not encrypted, but use a good ripping program like DVDDecrypter in file mode. (Decrypter only works on valid dvd video, so I’d like to see if it can recognize and rip it correctly). You can download DVDDecrypter from www.mrbass.org

You can also examine the files with MediaInfo to see the specifications of the video. If you post them here we can tell you if they are standard for dvd video, but I suspect they are, since they play on your dvd player.

I used ImgBurn to rip it to an ISO file.