DVD Plays OK on computer But Jerky on Standalone Player

Hi, i have a problem with a dvd, its the first DVD of the “anthology” series of the beatles, i bought this DVD on PAL and i converted it to NTSC, i ripped every stream and transcode it manually to NTSC FILM (29.97–>23.976 3:2 Pulldown), re-authored it with DVD-Maestro, the whole menus n’ stuff… anyway, i recorded de ISO to a DVD-R media and it plays fine on my computer but when i try to play it in my standalone player it gives me a jerky playback, the playback speed is not constant, it goes faster n slower randomly (well, not exactly randomly, i believe is always in the same way), maybe someone would know what’s going on? maybe the *.LAY file that maestro created in my VIDEO_TS folder is screwing something (i don’t think so but i dunno).
This is the procedure i used:
i decrypted the DVD (dvd decrypter), used dvd2 avi on every VOB, frameserved w/AVISynth (on this step i used TELECIDE, because its an interlaced video, i think is a hybrid but im not sure), encoded it w/TMPEGenc (used the do not frame reconvert option)… etc etc etc, converted audio using the preset on besweet and re authored with maestro.
i used princo DVD-R media and a pioneer DVR107D and my standalone payer is a Samsung.
maybe its the pulldown, i dunno, if someone could give me some directions i would appreciate it.
ps. my standalone player does play -R media, and i have used this procedure before to convert PAL to NTSC FILM and turned out fine (except this is my first time with interlaced or hybruid content)

if it plays fine on your computer but jerky on your standalone, then it’s almost certainly a media quality problem. if you have different media to try, i’d suggest doing so.

You also MUST remove the *.LAY file from the VIDEO_TS folder, ONLY files that must be in there are VOB, IFO & BUP files, anything else can screw playback. Results vary on different dvd players.

I would also not have used TELECINE, if the original was Interlaced then best is to leave it interlaced. Jerkyness can be the result of using Telecine. Suggest you have a read of the DVD to DVDR Tutorial (in the Guides & Tutorial section :D) for further information.

I have backed up my copy of the same Beatles vids (but no conversion to NTSC) using DVD2SVCD and have come out perfect. Used CCE rather than TMPGEnc though.