Dvd plays in dvd player, but not in dvd drive



I have a panasonic RP56 DVD player,which has never been able to play DVD-/+R disks.
Today I received a DVD of a wedding, produced by a professional. Much to my surprise, this plays in my RP56 !

Then I put it in my dvd drive Sony DRU-510A (latest firmware update),
DVD Identifies returns Not Available for all fields
Nero identify tool returns no info the the disk
Power DVD says no disk in drive
My Computer says the drive is not available.

I can successfully read ( and burn) other DVDs w/ the dvd drive Sony DRU-510A.

Any ideas what the format of this wedding DVD could be, and why it can’t be seen?




my guess is that the disc with the info on it is of cheap quality.I’ve had this happen a few times.As for your panasonic rarely playing your burnt media,they are not known to do that well with burnt + media.- media on the other hand is suppose to do OK.Go here and check out the spex for your player.Even though it says it can play this media,don’t bet on it.Pioneer is the best.Plays everything + - and the kitchen sink.