DVD Playing software?

Downloaded DVD trial version Plat/Gold options about two months ago. Just activated it and copied first 2 DVDs… No problems, works great, thanx DVDFab.

Viewed under Media Player, worked ok, but like looking into a dirty screen, very dark but viewable, after adjusting brightness/contrast controls on monitor (Samsung), after coming out, re adjust for normal usage. faff to say the least. Not impressed with Media Players menu system for building a DVD library either. Have some software retards in my family, its beyond them.

Got to be a better alternative without going the XP Media Center route as already have XP and Player. Looked at Roxio site but seem to be add on to media center/player, not an alternative.

Who is using what, does an alternative exist that would be a recommendation, all I’m after is a simple menu/player that works without putting ones brain into overdrive.


Google VLC Media Player or GOM Media Player.

Try this http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ EDIT: your fast today Beef

Also Media Player Classic HomeCinema

Downloaded both VLC Media Player and GOM. Use VLC for movies, GOM for clips, both giving me the ability to interface the monitor directly to change settings.

Thanks for the replies.

Incidently, downloaded home cinema as well but before running it my PC went into scheduled scan mode and found a Trojan since removed so I’ll try this one at a later time.

You are welcome.