DVD playing in slow motion

i just recorded a dvd from online onto a CD using Nero. My problem is, the dvd plays fine on my dvd player, except it plays the movie in slow motion or slow speed. How do I get this dvd to play normal in my dvd player? Do I need to recode the dvd or what. HELP!

What format was the download in?

Im new to all of this. Format? Mpeg. downloaded at 8x speed, movie will not play in dvd recorder on a 16x dvd.

the dvd that i downloaded plays fine on my computer but when i play it in my dvd player, it’s like playing the movie in slow motion and the audio is getting ahead of the video. My dvd player is a 5 disk changer Panasonic dvd player that is also a surround system. I downloaded the dvd from an online sharing program in avi format and decoded it in Nero 7 to dvd or mpeg format. I download in 8x since that is what my blank dvds are and what my dvd player accepts

Try to make copy of it in your PC and then try the second copy in your Stand Alone Player see if that makes the playing speed normal.

does this apply http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=183408

I am dowloading legally. But I don’t know what ISO means. I am now trying to copy an original. I am just wondering if the movie I downloaded was any good. I have used NERO to decode it, but I don’t know if there is anything else I need to do to make the movie play normal in my player. I am going to try to make a copy of that DVD and see if that works

I tried copying onto another DVD, but it also plays it in slow motion on my DVD player. Is there any settings on my DVD player that will make the movie play normal? When I do a slow search thru the movie using my remote, that is the speed it should be playing.