DVD Players

Well guys, I think that this will be the bumbest questions for the day but I will ask it anyway… I have just purchased a DVD player and when I insert the dvd into it it wont play. The player only came with a driver disk and no disk with programs to view the dvd’s. So my questions are simple ones: is there a program out there that you can download that plays dvd’s, does Win98 have anything on it that will play them, where can I get a program to play my dvd’s?
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me with this.

PowerDVD will do the trick… Someone around here can probably tell where to find it…

PowerDVD is indeed a good choice.
I think it (and others) can be found at www.digital-digest.com/dvd

Win98 also has a dvdplayer. It can be installed like other windowscomponents.

If you don’t find it try extracting it manually:

extract -a d:\win98\mini4.cab dvdpl*.exe

with d:\win98 the path to your win98 install files

it should be a “stand alone” exe

WinDVD.2K Full and Free Have fun

Or try it here
Got it myself yesterday http://powerdvd.supersmasher.com/