DVD player's lagging?need help!

my DVD player suddenly lagging for some reason. i tried using all kind of media players and result is SAME. it was working perfectly before.

any of guys know any reason for this to happen?? :doh:

What do you mean by ‘lagging’ exactly? Do you mean skipping during playback?

If so, then I think it may be a lens problem. Before trying anything else, try cleaning the lens with a DVD Lens Cleaner Disc.

Then report back the results.

Hi monday123 :slight_smile:

Have you tried checking/enabling DMA for your drives?

Might not hurt to check the HDD is in UDMA mode as well while you’re at it.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I think it may also be a graphic card problem.

I had a similar problem with PowerDVD a few years back, it turns out the graphics driver was corrupt.

Could very well be. Two avenues to explore is better than one :wink: