DVD players in Europe: UK 61.3%, France 61%, Germany 58%

I just posted the article DVD players in Europe: UK 61.3%, France 61%, Germany 58%.

Here’s some
stats that tell us how many over there in Europe have taken a trip to the
electronics store and probably bid goodbye to the VCR. Looks like the DVD
player/recorder has begun…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9993-DVD-players-in-Europe-UK--61_3-France--61-Germany-58.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9993-DVD-players-in-Europe-UK--61_3-France--61-Germany-58.html)

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Well, given the volume of accumulated, video cassette tapes from all those old video recorders lying arround. The newer multicore cpu’s would make excellent devices to rerecord those old 25 to 30 year old tapes, to a digital media, which in some cases has a half life of less than 2 years! Think of all those $$$$ to be made from this exercise on a recurring basis! :X

If video players had come down to the silly prices of DVD players, then maybe the pickup would have been just as quick. Just yesterday I saw DIVX compatable DVD players in Sainburys (in the UK if your wondering) for £35! If the wife wasn’t with me then I would have got one and sneaked it into the house :d

I don’t understand the comparison of DVD PLAYERS and VIDEO RECORDERS. DVD PLAYERS are for PLAYING only! VIDEO RECORDERS are for PLAYING AND RECORDING. In my opinion you can only compare DVD RECORDERS and VIDEO RECORDERS. Especially here in Europe DVD RECORDERS don’t have such a big market share yet.