DVD players having problems reading burned DVD using Video_TS method

I used drag and drop method with nero to plop the video_TS files onto a DVD and burn it. When I try to play it on a stand alone it gives me video but I get the screen jumping around all over the place. I have noticed that the only DVD’s that don’t seem to work on standalones tend to be the ones I create using the drag/drop video_TS files vs. burning a .img or .iso files. Why is this? I understand there’s different formats, NTSC and something else?

Is there a way I do it differently to have it play reliably? I use Tayo Yudens btw.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

There should be no difference in playback from either of the two burning methods. It doesn’t have anything to do with video formats… But is what you’re trying to burn a PAL movie? That might explain a rolling picture if you’ve got an NTSC TV and DVD player. If this is the case, there should be a setting in your DVD player to set to NTSC output only, not whichever the video source is.

If your movies are PAL, you can convert them to NTSC using ifoedit. You have to have the files on your drive in a video_ts folder. Open the .ifos and look for every reference to PAL. Double click on them and you can change the properties to NTSC. Make you make a backup of the ifos before you work on them (the program will do this for you). If you have .iso or .img file you have to mount the image in daemon tools and then you can extract the files to convert them. Get ifoedit here http://mpucoder.kewlhair.com/derrow/index.html