DVD players - Format Conversion

I have a couple of kids DVDs from Europe, which I have reburned with DVDshrink to make them region free. They play fine in my computer, and my friend’s DVD player.
However my DVD player gives me the warning “Not NTSC”
I have tried to patch the individual .IFO files with IFOedit to trick my DVD player into running the disks as NTSC. The problem is that they now appear jumpy (probably due to the 25fps PAL to 30 fps NTSC sync problem).
The annoying thing is that my friend’s DVD player is $79 while my Toshiba SD-1800 cost little more when I bought it. Do I move to a region free player? Will it address the PAL/NTSC conversion problem? Is there a Region free / Format conversion player out there.
N.B. When I record home movies and send them on DVD to England, they play fine on my in-laws PAL DVD player. What gives?

The pal/ntsc issue is independent of the region issue. Seperate animals. In the UK and Aussie, perhaps wider Europe also it’s pretty common for the dvd set top to support both pal and ntsc.

There is software out there free and pay to convert pal or ntsc to the other, buying a region free player in and of itself will not fix the video format issue…if that is what is going on.:slight_smile:

Check this link out and see if it will help you out.


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