Dvd Players - Blank Media Compatability

:confused: Hello Folks! Will begin my membership with a question that may seem minor to many but a good answer would save me a lot of trial and error time and cost.
I have a Sanyo DVD Recorder/player and a relative has a Pioneer player. I am having trouble finding a brand of blank CD+R/CD+RW’s that are compatable to both… Thus far I have tried Memorex, HP, and Maxell–none work on the Pioneer.
Can anyone recommend a brand that they KNOW works??

Hey ret_usaf, welcome to CDF! :slight_smile:

Give Verbatim a try, hopefully those will do fine as they’re good quality discs (the “Pearl White” variety less so, though). Some players are just pickier than others, though.

Also, if you use +R media, you may try bitsetting them when you burn (set the Booktype to “DVD-ROM” in Nero or whichever program you use), that might improve compatablility.

Just to clarify - you did mean DVD media? It’s just that you wrote “CD+R/CD+RWs” :slight_smile:

And hopefully someone can explain bitsetting a bit better than me :wink:

YES I DID MEAN DVD! sorry about that. i’ve been a computer nerd for many years and just getting into this DVD experience…

Thanks ARACHNE for the rapid response and “sorry again” about the cd/dvd err… I will wait a few days and if no other response i will give the Verbatim a try. I would have no idea where to start re bitsetting; like i said i am just now getting into the world of dvd’s… If anyone out there can explain it to me (in laymens terms) i might give it a shot though.

If you tell us which program you use to burn movies, we can probably tell you what to do within that program to set the booktype.

What burner do you have?


If you’re using +R/+RW media rather than -R/-RW then check the spec of the Pioneer. Older players will not necessarily play either/both formats.

If the spec says it plays -R/-RW then the booktyping route may well be the solution so hopefully you have burner that’ll support this feature.

Are you recording with the Sanyo DVD record/player (a stand alone recorder, not one inside a computer) and then trying to read them on a Pioneer player?

That is correct Wobble.

This could be tricky since most stand alone burners don’t do that good of a job. If your friends Pioneer is more that a couple of years old then it might not be capable of reading recorded DVD’s whether they are + or - discs. The first thing you need to know is if your Sanyo is capable of writing on both + and - discs, your owners manual will tell you. The next thing you need to do is see what kind of discs your friends Pioneer can play. Most DVD player manuals have a page that is dedicated to this.
Verbatim is the best media you can easily find locally.
And most important IMO don’t use RW media.

There’s always VideoHelp to tell you about others’ failures/successes:


if you know the model numbers a lot of this info can be obtained from www.videohelo.com/dvdplayers in addition to user comments which are useful to see if people have had similar issues.

also, because the comments are user submitted, it’s a good idea to take them with a grain of salt as well.

if your using the Sanyo DWM-400 the comon wallmart version that I alo have DVD+R/WR will not be compatible !!

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions people. I will be going to pick up the owner manual for the Pioneer this a.m. and will know more about it. The one I use is a Sanyo 500 (which a lot of people complain about but I have never had problems with). It takes DVD-RW, DVD+RW DVD-VIDEO, DVD-R VIDEO MODE, DVD-RW VIDEO MODE, AUDIO CD-CDDA, MP3 CD, JPEG CD, KODAK PICTURES CD as “playable” discs and DVD+R, DVD+RW as recordable discs. I put a few songs on a Verbatim CD+RW last night and they played fine.
I will know more when I check his manual, and will make another post later this morning. Thanks again; this appears to be great site for advise and opinions so I will be around and hopefully be able to help someone else as my knowledge of dvd players increases.

A “CD+RW” format doesn’t exist.

I plead temporary insanity (besides it being 4:30am)!! I meant CD-RW.

I think every one of us here was where you are right now, fighting compatability issues. It won’t be long and you will know all the ins and outs. It’s been getting easier the last couple of years because DVD players and recorders are getting more compatable with different media. Some like Philips claim to play anything you can feed them. I’ve found this true with my Philips 642/37 and my newer Pioneer. I understand that this may be changing soon. Some companies like Sony want to program them to play only factory DVD’s to lower the use of illegaly copied material. That will sure go over well with all the people who own digital camcorders!

Hey wobble-------if they ever decide to go totally with factory dvd’s that will be the end of my interest in a dvd player/recorder. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.
Now back to the latest update to my dilema:
I have the Pioneer user manual in front of me and it appears to play everything EXCEPT dvd+r/rw’s…[B]

This unit will play DVD-R/RW discs recorded using the DVD-Video format that have been finalized using a DVD-recorder
Whereas my Sony recorder states [B]
The following types of discs can be recorded on this unit: DVD+R and DVD+RW
So is there a solution or workaround for this, or is it time to punt??

What type of DVDs have you been burning up to now + or - ?. R or RW ? I would assume + since it states that your recorder will burn + discs. Is it a “Sony” or a “Sanyo” as you stated before? Do you have a computer with a DVD burner in it? Does your friend?

D*&$!! I’m gonna have to start paying closer attention to what I type; that was my third time… I have a Sanyo DRW500 Recorder/Player. I have been using both +R and +RW, various brands of discs. The computer I am using at the present time does not have a DVD player or burner… I have another computer that has a player only on it.
Also my buddy also does not have a DVD burner/player on his computer; only the Pioneer stand-alone player. Apologize for the error and will try to think and type at the same time from now on…

Assuming that your Sanyo plays the discs that it records without any problems and you dont have access to a computer with a burner then about the only thing left is for your friend to get another DVD player. It’s funny how they keep changing thier formats. My Pioneer will only play +R/RW discs.
There is one other thing that could cause you problems. Are you “closing” or “finalizing” the disc when your are finished burning it? Some stand alone burners do it automaticely and others allow you to do it manually when the disc is full.
It you have any Circuit City stores in your area they have a Philips 642/37 DVD player on sale for $49.99. They play anything you can put in them. For the money you can’t find a more compatable player. (The remote ins kinda cheap). $50 is as cheap as I have seen them.
Take one of your discs in and try it in a number of different players. (I’ve done it before, they don’t mind.) This will tell you for sure that this is the only problem we are fighting. Try the Philips and if it won’t play it something else is wrong. They don’t need to be hooked up to a TV. Just watch the display, it will let you know if its playing or not.
Good luck. Let me know what you come up with. Send me a P.M. if you don’t find out in the next couple of days. I just wish there was a easy fix!