DVD player

I want to know which dvd player is the best for playing divx xvid, mpeg, vcd and all the other movie formats.

I heard there is a lot of crap on the market.
any tips?:bow:

My Cyberhome and Samsung do it fine for VCD and SVCD. Cyberhome I prefer more because the firmware is flashable, and it can be made region free and de-macrovisioned. Also, it supports cdr, cdrw, dvdr, dvdrw with latest firmware. I don’t think any support xvid/divx yet. I remember seeing something about sony working one one with divx but it will prob be a high end model with an outrageous price.

I have a Cyberhome DVD player as well, but I am not too satisfied with that one. Okay, the player came for cheap money and it does what it should do for such a cheap device, but the image quality etc etc really can’t compete with “real” DVD players like those from A-brands (Sony, Pioneer, Philips etc etc).

A fairly good player, capable of playing all kinds of AVI formats, is the KiSS DP-500 (and derivates). It comes for pretty good money as well (sometimes it’s sold as Revoy for even lower prices, identical hardware).

If you can wait a little longer, I’d advice to do so, as Philips intends to release a divx (3.11, 4, 5) and xvid capable DVD player pretty soon. If Philips does this, other brands ofcourse can’t wait but do so as well…


hey Geert I know you!!! :wink: