Dvd player


If I buy a dvd player(e.g. toshiba 8x/40x) do you also need to buy an mpg card to be able to play dvd’s ?
if so, what’s a good but not too expensive mpg card ?

No you dont need to buy a MPEG card, if your compu is fast enough (like P2 or above) the MPEG should display fine with software decoding. Its not like you want to burn a CDr and watch a movie at the same time right?
And if you only use software decoding, you’ll be able to change your region code as many times as you like.
I’d say: buy the DVD drive and check out if the speed is good on your compu. If not, you’ll have to buy a MPEG card, but I dont think that will be the case.
Hope this helps.


The minimum requierements for a standalone dvd is a pII 350 with 32RAM and with an mpeg card p133 with 16RAM

I have a PII 300 with 96megs of RAM, maybe it’ll work too…
will try it out…

Don’t forget that when your mpeg is decoded by hardware (mpeg card) you’ll get much better view! You will NOT get the DVD quality without a mpeg card!!! Even when you got enough power!!! I’ve got a Realmagic Hollywood+ mpeg-card; best choise!!! A friend of mine has the Creative (encore) Card, but we both think that the Realmagic is better! The Creative isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong! But ofcourse U only want the best!
Good luck!

chewie, what’s the difference between a fast PC soft-rendering the DVD or a MPEG decorder card doing the same??

Is a a matter of frame-rate or something?

Do you advise to buy a videocard with MPEG decoder built in or a stand-alone decoder card?