DVD Player



Hello everyone I was looking for a cheap DVD Player for my trailer and I am having a issue. I have a Panasonic DMP-BD30 blu-ray player and it gives me problems with my DVDRW. The issue is it cannot read discs without menus.

I need a player that can do the below.
Region Free
PAL to NTSC Converter

My trailer 32’’ is NTSC only and I get “shaky” playback on my DV-260 player on PAL discs. I am hoping a new player will fix this issue and my DV-260 is really old so no HDMI.

I was looking at this but I never heard of this brand before…do you have any better solutions or perhaps some information on Orei?

Thank you very much for a moment of your time and any help you can provide.


The best tip i can give you is to get some weird strange chinese brand. These things usually can play anything and everything. That OREI thing seems perfect for the job. :slight_smile: It’s not a Blu-Ray player though.

Go to the shop with several media (and file formats) and ask to try.

I myself have a cheap ass Yamada DVD recorder and that thing almost never fails.