DVD Player Won't Read DvDs Burned In MY Computer...Help!

My DVD Player wont read DVDs burned in the DVD Burner in my computer…why might this be? How can I fix this? :doh:

It could be several things: Brand of disks, burning speed, booktype setting, burning program. Give more information please, including OS, type of computer (desktop or laptop) make/model of your burner.

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You’re not really offering us much information to go on for anyone to try and help you. :confused:

1.The first thing is what kind of DVD’s are you using +R or -R if you are using
+R discs are you changing the book type to DVD-ROM?

  1. The second thing is what brand are the DVD’s you are using and what speed
    are you burning them at?

  2. The third thing is what brand is your DVD player and how old is it I ask that
    because some of the older players will not play any +R discs at all unless they
    are book typed to DVD-ROM.

An important point wasnt mentioned: the content.
A dvd player can only make usage of content it is capable of playing back.